Who is Justin Cole?


The Circuit Arcade Bar


The Circuit Arcade Bar is a small business that I have partnered up with to help bring the best version of the arcade-bar concept to Richmond.  My main role is to edit and maintain the bar's social media accounts and website.  I have other roles as well, including league and tournament manager in which I am responsible for organizing and running all pinball, skeeball and arcade game leagues and tournaments.  It is a career that I've strived to achieve and as a partial investor, I look to grow the business into a long lasting staple of the Scott's Addition neighborhood.

The Country Club of Virginia


At the Country Club of Virginia I was split between two departments.  I shot, edited and produced all video projects for the Marketing & Communications Department.  I am proficient in both the Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro X and it is these tools that I use most for this portion of my job.  The other side of my job duties are to support the IT Manager with whatever extra work she might have as I have a wide variety of in-depth computer skills.

The Martin Agency

The Martin Agency really allowed me to explore my creative side professionally and obtain experience in a fast-paced, agency setting.  As one of the media specialists I was in charge of all audio/video components in the building.  Setting up client video conferences, presentations and staff meetings were some of my essential duties.  I also shot and edited a lot of the media The Martin Agency produced for internal and external use.  During my time at The Martin Agency, I was able to gain opportunities as a copywriter as well.  I wrote and sold spots for GEICO, Oreo and others by working with clients to achieve their shared vision while still meeting all deadlines with strong content.



For two seasons now, I have been a freelance writer for various football websites, writing draft recaps, player news and fantasy football advice.  I have even started my own podcast based on my articles.

Henrico County Public Schools

​As a Technology Support Technician I was in charge of all technology, both use and repair, for Mills E. Godwin High School.  My essential duties were to support staff and students with any technological needs.  In my time there I also edited college recruiting videos for athletes and mixed all music used by the high school's dance team.

Professionally, I am a jack of all trades.  I am a writer, artist, video producer, web editor, graphic designer and much more. No matter what position I hold, I always strive to go above and beyond my job description to help in any way possible.  I am outgoing and easy to work with.  Whether it's a group setting or working independently I am comfortable creating in either environment.  I have experience working in a fast-paced agency setting and can deliver strong content under tight deadlines.  


My life has always been about living in the moment and realizing just how short life can be.  Each moment in our lives, good or bad, is fleeting. Just remember that the bad times won't hurt forever and the good times will be gone before you realize.  Live life with love, care and the idea that you only have one to live. 

Radford University
B.S. of Science, English


  • Copywriting

  • Video Editing

  • Photo Editing

  • Graphic Design

  • Media Management

  • Blog Management

  • Poetry / Prose / Song Writing

National Thespian Honor Society
48 Hour Film Festival Award Winner (2015)