*All videos below were shot and/or edited by me*

As a videographer, I began my "career" at a young age shooting skate videos with my friends on a giant RCA VHS camcorder.  Those were the days.  Editing meant rewinding back to where the take started and hitting record from there to tape over the error from the previous scene.  I adapted my skills over time through self-education and continuously improving at one of my favorite hobbies.  Through the years I've obtained both freelance and full time work as a video editor and, even though video editing is a key aspect to my career, I still can't resist the urge to make videos in my free time with my friends and family.  Below, I've provided some of my work, in which you will find a mix of both professional and personal videos.  I've either shot and/or edited any video you see below, and I've provided each with a synopsis of what the video is about and who the video was for.  Enjoy!

*All videos below were shot and/or edited by me*

"The Crossfit Open"

A 5 week, 5 video series covering the athletes at Crossfit Addict and their journey through the annual Crossfit Open. 

Some brutal workouts, exhausted bodies, well-earned accomplishments and nothing but fun-loving people.


I had to make a video for my son's first ski trip, because of the excitement and joy he got out of it.  He is only 2 and already looks like a better skier than his old man. 

Where does the time go?


An ongoing passion project filming the outdoor lifestyle.

Everything from hunting and fishing to hiking and camping and everywhere in between.  I hope you enjoy what we have produced so far.  There is much more to come.


I shot and edited this video for Letter 9 Management for their

apartment complex called The James.  It is a promotional

video Letter 9 used to promote the masquerade party at

other locations and for future events.

"Timberline 2018"

Another great weekend trip to Timberline, WV.  Shannon and I were simply made to live in the mountains.  Every time we come back from a mountain trip, we come back happier.  It's "snow" lie, we were born to board.

"Racquets Talk"

For The Country Club of Virginia I, not only, implemented

the Racquets Talk Video Clinic, but I also shot and edited them

as well.  The Racquets Talk Video Clinic was a short, helpful

lesson on a specific facet of tennis that was sent to CCV members.


For my birthday, I went skydiving with Shannon.  Besides the fact

that it was the thrill of a lifetime, I gathered the footage that was

shot by Virginia Skydiving Center, and put together this short montage video. 

"Racquets Talk Bloopers"

At The Country Club of Virginia, they were very open

to positive comradery between coworkers.  In accordance with

that, I made this blooper video that was shown at a company 

staff meeting.

"Snowboarding 2016"

Every year I go snowboarding and I always try to document

our trips. This video was shot using a GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

and edited using Final Cut Pro X.  Snowboarding is probably

my favorite medium to film.

"A CCV Summer"

At The Country Club of Virginia, I spent an entire summer

gathering both footage and photos of the joyeous events

that took place over the summer of 2016.  From there

I edited a video together that was sent out to CCV members.

"Donkey Kong Snowboarding"

What's life without whimsy?  On this particular trip to go 
snowboarding I felt it was necessary to dress up as 

the barrel toting ape himself.  My snowboarding buddy

David was dressed as a very relatable banana.

"Lacrosse College Recruitment"

I was hired by New World Sports to edit their game footage into

professional college recruitment videos that the players could

send to various, prospective coaches for their consideration.

"A Homebrew Competition"

During a home-brewing competition, different groups

resorted to smear campaigns of which I was happy to take

part in.  In this fake commercial it is made to look like our

competition's spokesperson isn't thrilled with its taste.

"Heritage Wealth Advisors"

Heritage Wealth Advisors was a client that hired me to shoot

and edit videos for their website.  Theses were videos that

advised their clients both how they as a company operate

and also provided helpful tips on investment strategies.

"Trap Queen"

This is a music video Shannon and I made one Sunday afternoon.

See that's the problem with us creative type.  If you give us

too much free time, we can't help but create something.  This 

video was shot using a GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition.

"Crossfit Addict"

The owner of Crossfit Addict had me shoot and edit a video 

to use for promotional purposes.  Shot only with a GoPro3.

"The Circuit Opens Soon"

This was a promotional video made in preparation for The Circuit Arcade Bar's grand opening.  A fuse of what The Circuit will offer with a classic we all remember!

"The Circuit Opens Soon"

This was a promotional video made in preparation for The Circuit Arcade Bar's opening.  A little subliminal messaging is some classic movies, tv shows and commercials.